"Lauren has an intoxicating, Southern style that brings to mind images of Spanish moss, red clay roads, sweet tea and hard cider, and all that other awesome imagery that some of the best writers invoke. Filled with personal tales of heartbreak and intimacy, Lauren shines as a writer and mesmerizes as a performer."
Troy Moon, Pensacola News Journal (Jan 22, 2016)

"She is unbelievably talented...She writes these emotional songs that have meaning to them. She's not just singing a song to fulfill another song slot. She connects with people who have similar stories." 
Anthony Crawford, Baldwin County Public Records (Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam, Neil Young,
Sugarcane Jane, Willie Sugarcapps)

"Pensacola singer-songwriter—and one of the performers on WSRE-TV’s 2015 StudioAmped series—dishes out tunes that fall under the ever-growing Americana umbrella. With elements of country and blues firmly in place, the mostly acoustic album [Lauren Kay 's album "Lauren Kay"] is a perfect platform for Kay’s soft, slightly raspy voice. Don’t expect all serious topics— the kitschy, electrified “Butter Beans” is a fun surprise, full of delicious southern goodness."
Nikki Hedrick, The Beachcomber (Fri April 10, 2015)

“Being a single mom to three young boys is tough. So is making a living as a singer songwriter. Simultaneously embracing the two seems unthinkable. This is the life of Lauren Kay, a Pensacola recording and performing artist who recently released her second CD titled, “Single Mama.” The much-awaited follow-up to her impressive debut titled “Lauren Kay,” the second recording cuts even deeper than the first, and paints a heartfelt, sympathetic and even romantic picture of the juggling act her whirlwind life represents. Showcasing her most powerful asset—her sultry, distinctively Southern, dulcet voice, Lauren captivates with memorable numbers like “More to Me,” “Big Guns,” “Roll Over,” “Picture of Your Heart” and the CD’s title cut, “Single Mama.” In doing so Lauren makes a glowing, unforgettable mark, reminding everyone of her vast potential, as well as the inherent realities and difficulties of being a creative artist and a responsible parent. “Single Mama,” is a second effort as sexy and unforgettable as the artist, and bona fide proof that Kay has not yet scratched the surface of her many songwriting and singing talents.”
Chris Warner, Wagon Publishing (Jan 27, 2016)

"After years of playing the Gulf Coast and a stint in Asheville, she's developed a style that is both bluesy and rootsy - a little bit Sheryl Crow and a little bit Bonnie Raitt, yet still all her own."
Fran Thompson, Mullet Wrapper (Jan 21, 2015)

"The Pensacola country songstress is back, this time with Sugarcane Jane’s Anthony Crawford in her corner. Kay shows off her heart and dreams with personal songs that reveal her deepest inner workings. Whether she’s singing about the trials of love or the juggling single motherhood requires, Kay is strikingly forthright and hauntingly somber."
Nikki Hedrick, The Beachcomber, (
Tue Feb 16th, 2016)

"Lauren Kay is a daughter of the South, a diminutive singer-songwriter whose voice drips with sweet molasses and a bit of Southern sass...Kay's music is steeped in Southern imagery and soulful, blues-based melodies. The songs run the gamut from the playful 'Butterbeans' to plaintive, gorgeous melodies such as 'Float' and 'Ashes.'" 
Troy Moon, Pensacola News Journal (Jan 9, 2015)